Should You Make Your Bedroom An Electronic-Free Zone?


Could You? Should You?

I had a chat with a friend of mine at the weekend and was pretty interested to hear that she is in week 3 of an electronic-free bedroom and feeling fabulous as a result.

Her reasons for doing this were threefold:
1. She wishes to set the example to her children for the future, so that they don’t expect iPads/phones etc in their rooms. Online bullying is a major factor in this for her, having recently trained as a Childline advisor. She is extremely worried about a childhood spent having direct access to the internet at all times.
2. We happen to share two mutual friends who have both fallen foul to brain tumours in their mid thirties; the advice they have received from specialists, is to never charge anything beside your head when you sleep.
3. She felt she was becoming obsessive with her scrolling of the internet/social media late into the night and first thing in the morning causing disruption to her sleep patterns.

Now, she claims, she is sleeping far more peacefully, and for longer (following a short settling in period) and is really enjoying her bedtime rituals much more as a result.

A little research tells me that this is something we really should all consider doing. I, for one, would really struggle to implement this routine, for the simple reason that my page is read at all times of the day and night across the world and I like to keep track.
However, I am going to give it a go regardless – and set myself some strict timing schedules to stick to.


Should You Make Your Bedroom An Electronic-Free Zone?

Who is with me?

Here are some very good reasons why we should all do this too:

1. Blue light emitted by all the above electronics, suppresses melatonin production, which directly affects how we sleep.
2. Stimulation from your phone and iPads is proven to affect how you fall asleep and for quite some time after.
3. Relationships can reportedly be affected by partners paying far more attention to their phones than each other. You can guess the rest.
4. Poor sleep can affect productivity and cause weight gain, from early childhood on.
5. No one really knows how the latest smartphones affect our health but links have been made to many health issues, better to be safe than sorry and get into a great routine that includes a 7 hour break minimum, right?


Let me know your thoughts on this please ladies and whether or not you are one step ahead and living this out right now…





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