Is Drinking Six Gin & Tonics A Day The Secret To A Long Life?


According to a 100 year old woman from Suffolk in England, it is!!

Mabel Jackson recently told the Suffolk Gazette that she has been regularly consuming her favourite tipple since she was 18 (that’s 4,264 bottles, consumed within her lifetime!)

“”I have two at lunchtime, one at tea time with a biscuit and then three more during the evening while I do my knitting,” she told the Gazette.

Jackson isn’t the only woman of her age who claims alcohol is the secret to long life. Last year, Worcestershire, England, resident Grace Jones attributed her longevity to “a little drop of whiskey every night,” and a New Jersey woman credited Miller High Life and shots of Johnny Walker Blue for her 110 years of health.

Unfortunately there is no medical evidence to support this regime (I can almost hear the wails of disappointment from you all!) but the drink has been linked to several health benefits such as fighting off malaria, anti-ageing qualities, diuretic properties and even an aid to weight loss.

On a serious note,the above routines are considered ‘heavy drinking’ by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, but you know what, it kind of makes me feel hopeful that my 3 nights a week enjoying a glass or two of vino is perhaps aiding my life and not depleting it….we can wish can’t we?
So, whilst we do not condone this, it is very interesting to hear- I am sure you will agree?

Who amongst us knows of another long-lifer who believes a glass or two of their favourite drink brings them health?

I would love to know!


Source: The Suffolk Gazette



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