Every now and then, the news delivers up a story so horrifyingly sad that I feel like the wind has been kicked out of me.

When this happens, a cold dread begins to seep through my veins and that familiar feeling of despair claws at my skin, as I struggle to wonder how this wonderful world can host such cruelty and evil within.

Normally, it is a tale of child abuse so sickening that my heart aches, physically aches: for all the scared and lonely children in the world, who aren’t loved and protected the way they deserve to be. The story eats my peace and I no longer need food or sleep, so vivid is the pain.

On one particular occasion, the story was so bad, and so close to me having given birth to my first child, that I sank very deeply into a truly miserable place. I couldn’t see a way in which I could ever harden my heart to the agony around me; couldn’t everyone else see how much suffering there is? How do they simply get on with their day having witnessed such terrors?

On that day, my mum gave me a piece of advice which I believe saved me.



Make your bubble beautiful”, she said…

“Create a life so filled with love and kindness, that beautiful humans will rise from it and in turn make more beautiful humans who will then make more beautiful humans. Think of how many people you can raise in love throughout the generations to come. The strength of that humanity.

Think also, about the people you will touch with your beautiful bubble; the inspiration you will give to those around you, the example you will set. It will touch many lives and infiltrate many dark places.

You see, you cannot help everyone in the world but you can make sure your bubble is loving, peaceful and inspirational. That will directly affect your family, your extended family and everyone you meet – even in some small way. It has weight. It will matter. It will spread.

Do what you can to help others when the opportunity presents itself and never believe that you cannot make a difference.

The difference is made every day by the way you love and raise your children and the values you instil in them.”


I cannot tell you how much comfort this gives me in dark times, when the world is reeling from one horror story to the next and the feeling of uselessness abounds.

We can all make sure our own bubbles are safe. And loving. And kind. And beautiful.
It will matter.
It will make a difference.
It will spread.


Please pass it on ladies, it may bring a little comfort and hope to the world’s ‘sensitive souls’ who need it more than you might realise…








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