Okay so before we begin, let’s get something straight. I am no tree-hugging, spirit-loving hippy… (pretty sure that’s the general stigma with people who see ghosts?) I am a normal mum of two, who kind of believes and kind of doesn’t.


However, last week I had a very close call. A brush with something frighteningly sobering.

Some of you may have read about the towels which caught fire in my laundry room – fresh from the dryer? We took them out of the dryer and went to bed as normal and I promptly fell into a much-needed sleep. You know that kind of sleep when your head hits the pillow and you smile because you just know you will be out like a light? So, off to the land of nod I go, fast-track, it was 11.30 (I remember the time because I enjoy making a note of how many blissful hours of sleep I am about to have, does anyone else do that?)

Anyway, I digress.
At 12.15 I woke up with a start. I looked at the clock and with disdain thought to myself, why am I awake now?! I was so sure I was out for the duration. So I rolled over in a grump to try and get back off, when I noticed a strange smell. I soon realised it was burning. I woke up my husband but he could smell nothing.

I ventured off to investigate only to realise quite quickly that the house was on fire somewhere, I was sure of it. Smoke fumes were stinging my eyes and my throat in the hallway.

Turns out the towels in the laundry room were heavily smouldering and whilst the house was not yet on fire, it soon would be. As we threw them outside, the air hit them and poof – up they went into flames. Terrifying.

Worse, we had just finished a huge extension downstairs, literally the day before, and so the nearest smoke alarm was in the front hallway and in our bedrooms upstairs – they would have taken a while to sense the problem. We had ‘install new smoke alarms’ on our to-do list for the weekend, which was, in fact, the very next day. You couldn’t make it up.

So, let’s backtrack a little…why did I wake up. It really confused me because I was so very tired and my sleep patterns are pretty regular. I either take ages to get off or I fall asleep instantly, but when I am out, I am out until the kids or a noise wakes me up. Like most mums I am tuned into the kids but block out mostly everything else.

The next morning all I could think about was my Gran who passed away 3 years ago. We were so very close and for some reason she was on my mind.

My husband and I were in bed chatting over a coffee about what a close call we had had the night before – and how grateful we were that it didn’t escalate any further. I hadn’t said my Gran’s name when he voiced my thoughts ‘Do you think it was your gran who woke you?’

As I looked at him, thinking how strange he should say that, the wall light next to our bed went on.

It just went on.

We were nowhere near it.

We couldn’t find words or the power to move for a few minutes.

The light is a mirror which my husband lovingly turned into a light. It’s powered by a switch, like most lights are, and like I say, we were nowhere near it.

What do you think ladies? Have you ever experienced anything similiar?






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