I posted this story on our Facebook page last night and felt forced to delete it within an hour, as the comments quickly became out of hand, personal and abusive. I see this site as a very lovely and positive place to be and I reacted, perhaps a little too quickly by taking it down.

Because the truth is, I am still in shock and I want to discuss it.

I want to talk to you all about it. I want to exclaim ‘How, HOW, was this allowed!?” Only a few decades ago.

I wanted to discuss with you, the state of mind the parents of these girls must have had, in order to take them to a studio and allow them to be photographed naked, in provocative poses, aged just 10.

For Playboy


I have a 9 year old. It is unthinkable.

I have since read that one of the girls in question, who I shall not name, has sued her mother for doing this to her. The images are still available online. A life-sentence for her.

Then there is Brooke Shields who in 1976, aged just 10, appeared in a centrefold piece, naked, with full make-up and covered in oil. There were several different shots of her and to be honest, It is absolutely shocking, disturbing and heartbreaking to behold.

Brooke shields/ playboy

I don’t advise that you google it as these images really should be allowed to die.

Or be removed from the internet. Why are they still there?

In fact, the images are still haunting me now.

I want to know, HOW, these facts have been kept so quiet for so long and why someone wasn’t taken to task for them? Is it the power of money that saved anyone from being dragged through the dirt? Anyone except of course the young girls in question, who still live with this now.

Children, In an adult magazine. Naked.

It is illegal, abhorrent and terrifying.

I have chosen not to add the readily available images to this article, for obvious reasons.


Ladies, please let me know your thoughts below. As always. I look forward to hearing them. Did you know about this already? It was a shock to me…






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