Grief, is something that we all have an experience of. The pain, the shocking, never-ending depth of the loneliness, the suffocating sadness.

The things you wished you’d said – the things you wished you hadn’t said.

But imagine if you someone you love, simply disappeared one day, never to return. 

Whether you are the parent, the child, the partner, the friend, the sibling. The not knowing whether they are dead or alive, the insomnia-inducing imaginings of their suffering, must be absolutely mind-blowingly maddening….


Last year, a choir appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, a choir made up of people whose loved one’s were missing. The singers all had one thing in common – their unending heartache. It really brought home to me that there are thousands upon thousands of people simply missing all over the world.

After the initial ‘emergency’ period is over – no one is helping to look for them, except their friends and family of course – they never give up. They are left in a limbo that none of us would wish on our worst enemies.

As a result of the above talent show appearance, 2 of the missing people were found. One was a 13 year old boy who appeared in the video below. He saw himself on the screen and has safely returned home.

Can you even imagine the relief of that? I cannot.

So, please continue to share this video and any other missing posts you come across in future. We can all help to reunite these people somehow.

This will put shivers all over your body…



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