ALL women need to read and share this.

You may think you have heard it all before, but below are some lesser known and seriously useful safety hacks that we all should read.
It’s a crazy, often scary world we live in ladies, PASS IT ON…

1. A large portion of attacks on women happen in parking lots outside grocery stores or shopping centres…DO NOT: Sit in your car as soon as you get in to answer text messages, check receipts etc. Most attackers have been watching you and will be waiting for this exact situation to catch you off-guard.

2. ALWAYS: Check  around your car for someone who may be hiding and check if the car next to yours is occupied by a male sitting in the passenger seat – this is how many attackers position themselves to catch a female as she opens her door. This is especially important if the vehicle next to you is a van, since that is a common way for the attacker to bundle you up and off.

3. If you are alone in a large empty building at night – always take the elevator. Stairwells are a common place for attackers to pounce and are terribly lonely and isolated at night.

4. If you feel you are being followed, turn and ask the person the time… a group of rapists interviewed, stated, that a target becomes far less attractive if they have seen their face prior to the attack.

5. The same survey revealed that short haired victims aren’t as attractive – long hair and especially a ponytail makes you far easier to move to a second location (which is how most attacks occur), if you have long hair and you need to walk somewhere alone at night – wear a tight knitted hat to keep your locks away.

6. Should the worst happen and you find yourself in the boot of a car – try your best to kick out the tail-lights and stick an arm or anything through to wave. The attacker will not see this but someone else will – this has saved lives!

7. The rapists and attackers questioned told the interviewer that if a women causes them too much trouble they will most likely drop them and run. Always, always shout and fight in any way you can – do not worry you will anger them further, make yourself as much of a risk to them as you possibly can.


8. You can’t overpowered with strength but you can outsmart. The strongest part of your body is your elbow, if you can use it, do. Hard as you can. Try to pinch the attacker in the soft skin between his elbow and underarm or on the thigh – HARD, HOLD AND TWIST (try it yourself, gently, it really hurts). This has been proven extremely effective in putting attackers off their mission and one woman tore muscle strands from underneath his skin by doing this as hard as she could. After that always go for the groin – they may be expecting that but the pain will still take their breath away. Remember, these guys avoid anyone they see as being too much trouble. BE AS MUCH TROUBLE AS YOU CAN BE.

9. If someone is facing you with a gun and you can run – ALWAYS RUN – a moving target is far harder to shoot and you are more likely to end up with a superficial wound than in someone’s car for a much worse end. The noise will likely frighten the attacker off too.

10. If you are stopped and threatened for your bag or phone – DO NOT HAND IT OVER . Throw the item and run, it’s more likely the attacker will go for the purse and give you the chance to get away.






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