5 reasons women rock1. We just do it. What? Everything… seriously, you know I am right. From the moment we wake up we begin to perform a list of endless tasks that continues throughout every moment of every day. So many, in fact, that we couldn’t possibly begin to catalogue them – unlike our male companions who like to list each and every single one…
2. Some days we don’t know how we will manage. But every day we do. Just when we think we have nothing left to give, we dig a little deeper and there it is. If there really isn’t a drop more, it’s highly likely another awesome female will sense this situation and dive in to help. This is my favourite thing about us.
3. We have a built in bulls**t detector. We spot lies coming a mile off – thanks to our intuition – which we need to trust more (it’s our superpower). Not only that but we often sense danger and disaster coming before it does and quite often snatch our loved ones out of the path of oncoming injury or one of life’s curveballs.
4. We can see a big picture. This is a very under-rated skill! We are able to plan vacation packing down to the nth degree by imaging all scenarios and catering accordingly. Likewise we can apply to this to work events, school events, building work and so on. No stone is left unturned in our mind’s eye and we are rarely caught out. It’s a true talent!
5. We pick up. Not just dropped wet towels and toys (all day long!) but we pick up on subtle nuances, other people’s feelings and social situations. We are able to walk into a group and read the dynamics immediately. Men will rarely, if ever, acquire this ability. It’s ours alone ladies!
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