I WOULD SAY ‘YES’ MORE – too many adventures and experiences were missed because I didn’t feel good enough, brave enough or confident enough. I didn’t know then that you only get those qualities by throwing yourself in in the first place. They come later, as a reward. The fearful remain fearful, the bold achieve greatness.
I WOULD SAY ‘NO’ MORE – too many hours and days were wasted giving my time and myself to people who didn’t deserve it and weren’t grateful. I didn’t realise then, that this would get me nowhere and nothing in return. I’d be far more choosy who to waste my precious time on.
I WOULD WORRY LESS – what you think becomes your reality and worrying is a complete waste of a good imagination. Not only that, but you go through the hardship twice – once when you worry and once when it happens – though it rarely ever does. I could have saved myself a lot of anxious nights if I’d chosen not to worry.
I WOULD DREAM MORE – not day-dreams – but big, fat, juicy real-life dreams – dreams of a life well-lived, ambitions achieved, travel plans executed and moments cherished. I would use the time I had wasted above to dream and to make my dreams reality. I would encourage myself to go for them all, each and every single one.
I WOULD BE LOUDER – I would stop apologising for my difference in opinions or my visions of a better/different way. In fact, I would shout them far more loudly. I would trust that little voice inside of me I always told to be quiet, and I would give her far more air-time. She knew exactly what she was talking about after all.
I WOULD LOVE MORE – every minute of every day I would make sure someone was on the receiving end of my good thoughts, affection and love. Nothing energises your world more than the constant zipping and buzzing of love through your thoughts and your veins. It is infectious and it is the healer of all things. It is the giver of life and it should be on the top of your list of priorities. Every. Single. Day.
If i could turn back time, ladies pass it on, If I have learned anything…
it’s to say yes more,
say no more,
to worry less,
to dream big,
to shout loud
and to love, love LOVE
What about you?



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