Here’s the thing…
You may think that your life would be somehow made better, or easier, if you were different, more ‘normal’, less ‘flawed’. More like your sister, your friend, that women over there who looks like she has it all together.
It’s not the case at all.
The world is missing a unique little spark of your youness, which only you can bring…
only you can do things the way you do them, think the way you do, love the way you do. It’s all your own.
Life is a rollercoaster, for us all, but living without your own self-approval is like riding without a seatbelt.
Be you…
as vividly and vibrantly as you can.
Be you..
as boldly and brightly as you can.
Bombard the world with your ‘you-ness.’
The challenge, you see, is to accept yourself, in a world that’s designed to make you just like everyone else.
Be You
It’s the one thing that only you can do, so you may as well do the heck out of it, right?


Be you




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