Dear Princess Diana…


Dear Princess Dian, Princess Diana 20 year anniversary

Dear Diana,

It has been 20 years since you were snatched too soon and yet it feels like yesterday for so many.
To say that you have been missed would be a terrible understatement. Your loss was felt so deeply that the tremors of remorse spanned the globe.
It was amazing, yet desperately sad, to behold.

Please be assured that your life has not been in vain and your boys carry with them such an important part of you. It is so very clearly in everything they do and everything they bring to the world. You would be, and are, very proud – I am sure of it.

Your photos remain some of the most stunning I have seen despite their age and the advance in technology, you were the original #nofiltersneeded. I struggled to chose my favourite to post here today, so so beautiful.

If I can take one thing, just one thing from your time on this earth it would be to be true to yourself against the odds – and goodness knows you had the odds against you. Yet, you squared up and showed the world your true colours. And we loved you for it. That must have taken some serious gumption.

And then there is the kindness, the infinite depth of your ability to give. It lives on after you.

YOU live on after you.


Forever young, forever beautiful – inside and out.

Much love,





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