To The Girl In The Changing Room


To The Girl In The Changing Room

I wanted to tell you that you looked beautiful, that the jeans should fit YOU and not the other way around.

I wanted to tell you, ‘Listen, the sizes are a joke, they mean nothing. They are not a measure of you – nowhere near a measure of YOU. The size label on your clothes can’t measure the shine of your hair and the impact of that dimple in your cheek when you smile – or the stunning deep hazel brown of your beautiful eyes.’

I wanted to say all these things because I could see the silent disappointment in your eyes, as you tried to fasten the button and couldn’t.

The disgust on your face.

It struck me that you weren’t seeing what I was seeing…a gorgeous young girl with the world at her feet and beauty to spare.


You were seeing a mirror image created by society, living in your head.

And I wished for one moment I could swap my vision for yours so you could see yourself as you really are.

So you didn’t waste any more precious, precious time.

Time wasted trying to squeeze into clothes that don’t fit you. Time wasted trying to look like the mannequin in the shop window instead of embracing your amazing self.

Time wasted trying to change, when you are bloody perfect, right here right now.

I wanted to say all of that but instead all I said, as I passed by you on my way out was ‘you look so good in those jeans, the sizes in here are far too small for me!’

I chose those words because I knew they would give you a boost.

What I really wanted to say was,

‘You are beautiful, just the way you are, regardless of size or any other factor you really cannot control without devoting precious time you should be spending making a LIFE. Try and see yourself the way I see you and start living your life free of judgement and free of the ridiculous trends set by society and the fashion industry. Free yourself and you will suddenly feel more alive than you ever have. Learn to see and enjoy the amazing body you have been blessed with. Life is so very short.’

But I didn’t say that, so I am saying it now, in the hope that you will share it for anyone who may need to hear.

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