There comes a day in everyone’s life when you realise, with a shuddering jolt, that time not only flies, but it stops quite dead….

We say it every day, ‘time flies when you’re having fun’.
‘Seize the day!’.
‘Tomorrow is promised to no one!’ we cheer, as we clink our glasses.

But do we really, truly, think that through?

How many minutes, weeks, days, months, do we half-live wishing and waiting for a holiday, a new relationship, a better job, the courage to commit, a better you?

I imagine if we counted it all up it would be a staggering amount.

Then one day, something happens and suddenly we see.
Too late.
That time not only flies, but it stops quite dead.

One day, out of nowhere, there will suddenly be a voice that we will never hear again, a path that we will never cross again, a hand that we will never shake again, a cheek that we will never kiss again, a laugh that we will never hear again.

A face that we will never see.

Ever again.

And the finality of that loss will knock the wind out of you.

Only at that point can you truly understand why we must live each day – really live each day.

Tell everyone we love, just how much we think of them.

Start knocking things off our bucket lists.

Stop waiting for the right time and make that time right now.

Step off the treadmill of life and run free.

Stop being side-tracked by our egos and start living a life free of judgement, free of comparison and free of containment.


If you can make this realisation BEFORE you suffer the loss, then you are a very blessed soul indeed.








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