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FIND-A-FAULT FRIEND, FRIENDSHIPWe all have one, but are you aware of them?


It could be a family member, a colleague or a friend you have known for years. You may have become so used to their behaviour that it no longer bothers you, but it should.

Being close to someone does not give them the excuse to point out every flaw, to criticise every move you make and to bring you down, down, down.

If you ask for truth and you get it, fair enough, but there are way too many people who think that it is ‘their right’ to consistently pick and pick at the bones of you.

If you walk away from that person feeling a bit more crappy about yourself than you arrived, it is perhaps time to get rid.

Life is too short to surround yourself with people who:

Envy or are disgruntled by your successes
Point out every ‘flaw’ they feel you have
Take take take and rarely give.

Friends should make you feel lighter and happier, even in the worst of times. You see, you don’t get ‘sad’ by helping your loved ones through their pain. That’s not how it works.

You get sad by being treated badly. Feeling unworthy and unappreciated.

There is not enough time on the day to waste on this.

If you are not blossoming, move to where the sun shines brighter ladies. No need to stay in the rain.





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