I WATCH HER AND I WONDERI watch her and I wonder how she does it.

How she keeps going day in, day out, rarely losing her patience and always finding a little bit more to give the kids, her parents, her friends, me.

I have seen her talking on the phone giving sage advice to a broken friend, whilst feeding our baby, placating our toddler and serving up endless rounds of demanded toast ‘some pale with butter, some well-cooked with marmite, no butter Mummy!!!!’ to our 5 year old.

I watch her ferry around her sick Father, never tiring of the extra washing, the hours of nursing, the gentle words. Never losing her calm when the repetition starts and he drifts away to that place.

I get off early every morning and leave her to do, well, to do it all basically. And when I get home she is nowhere near done – because it’s never ending.

I chip in and do whatever I see but every day I look around and I wonder how she does it.


‘It’s not forever’ she will say when her lip is starting to wobble and the tasks are starting to swamp her. And I hold her and say, ‘it’s not forever honey no.’

But I think some of the days must feel like forever.

I think some of her must be shut in a little closet until it’s time to come back out again and I marvel at how women can do that. How they can ‘put themselves away’ and just get stuck in doing whatever needs to be done for their loved ones in need.

Her parents, our kids, her friends. Me.

She always seems to have enough to go round.

Women are a breed apart from us men, no doubt.

They are made of something different. So much stronger, SO much stronger, and yet at the same time so much softer, so much more give to it and so much more fluid.

Science, sum that one up please. I don’t think you can.


Words, anonymous, ©LPIO 2017
Photo by Ellie Pritts on Unsplash






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