Break me once but never twice.

For the day I realised that being broken was not an option but a necessity, was the day I became invincible.

You see none of us can make it through this life without cuts, wounds and breaks – but it’s in the getting up and the gluing back together – that our true beauty is revealed.

We are all a beautiful mosaic. An inspiring work of art.

Each time we break, we find the strength to glue our pieces back together and whilst we are never the same, we are somehow even more breathtakingly beautiful than before.

An individual and unique work of art.

When you realise that you hold the glue and you are the artist, you will no longer fear the breaks.

But you will surround yourself with those who help to glue and who help to shape.


And you will rid yourself of those who like to break.

For those people enjoy the sound of the smashing, but the reality is they live in fear.
They haven’t worked it out yet that breaking others does not make your pieces stronger or provide a shield.
They know, deep down, that when they break they will remain broken. And so they continue to break others and watch in awe as they resurrect.

You see, being broken makes you stronger.

We are oh so imperfect, and oh so gloriously strong, in all our weaknesses.



Wear your battle scars with pride ladies and embrace your breaks, for you had the strength to get back up again, even more powerful than before.

And oh so much more beautiful.


Donna Ashworth LPIO 2017


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