It’s a crazy rollercoaster of a ride, this life.

For us all.

But for us women it’s made even harder by the pesky little mind-benders we call hormones. They manipulate, taunt and take over our body, mind and soul.
As plugged in as we are, and we really are (it’s no lie that intuition is our favourite superpower, of many), we are still at the mercy of these unseen tormentors.

We are pretty awesome for this fact alone.

Not to mention the strength we have – I don’t mean the power to lift weights although we could totally do that if we fancied. I mean the strength we have to handle life.
In any given day we can be coaching several different friends or family members through a minefield in their world as well as keeping multiple people and animals alive, happy and safe and spinning a ridiculous amount of plates – on and on an on.


And maybe at the very end of that day we will turn our thoughts to ourselves. Maybe, if we have an ounce of energy left.


So ladies, hold UP your sisters.
Refrain from judgement.
Be kind.
Be compassionate.
Be the kind of women you want in your life.
BE free with your smiles for strangers, the knowing ‘we got this’ look between women who just ‘know’ each other’s situation immediately on impact. You can’t buy that stuff, it’s priceless.
Be encouraging.
Be empathetic.
Be supportive.
Be there.
If you see a fellow sister hustling, help her along.
If you see another woman struggling, give her a hand.
If you spot that look of insecurity, throw out a compliment.
We need each other.
We really, really need each other.
And when we have each other there is no end to what we can achieve together.

You see….women know. Even when we don’t know, we still know – because we just know.
And that, THAT, pretty much sums it up.
Because we just know.

Being a woman is a crazy ride but it’s a fabulous ride, if you’re sharing it right.

Go forth and love your girls.


Donna Ashworth 



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