If Your War Is With Food


If Your War Is With Food/ Anorexia/ Bulimia/ Over-eating/ Star Model AgencyIf your war is with food, you have a long battle ahead

If your relationship with your daily sustenance is a toxic one, you are signing yourself up for a lifetime of torture. Literally.


Consider the position of someone whose demon is food.

Unlike alcohol or drugs it cannot be avoided. Or abstained from. Quite the opposite, food must be ingested three times a day for the very basic of health.

The fight is not how long you can resist the substance for, but how long you can face it every day without complete and utter breakdown and a spiral into a very toxic and unhealthy daily binge. A binge with no end in sight.

It is a torture and a silent, sad battle, unseen by the world.

Unlike other addictions, an anorexic must look it’s aggressor in the eye every single meal-time. Square their shoulders, gulp down their fear and attempt to fight. Attempt to swallow a substance that may as well be acid or molten lava, the pain of it’s touch is so intense.

The pain, the panic and the fear created by each mouthful swallowed is untold. But it’s enough for many, too many, to choose death first.

If you see someone clearly too thin to be healthy. Stop for a moment and think before the words ‘you need a good feed’ leave your mouth’. Consider the mental barriers and psychological boundaries that have put them there in the first place.

The societal pressures that they were just too vulnerable to resist.

If you want to help them, don’t try to make them eat. Try to get them chatting about their life and their worries and their dreams. They are people just like you. They are not drunk on the street, but their position is just as grim. They are in just as much danger and it’s comfort they need, not a ‘telling’.

If you want to help them, challenge the images upheld by the fashion and media, these ridiculous images that cause generations to starve and beat themselves into a new shape to fit in. To fit in with something that’s actually is not even real. Outside of photoshop and weeks spent preparing and resisting life.

If your battle is with food and you are overweight. Remember to be kind when you see a person so thin they look fit to break. It is easy to feel anger and frustration that they ‘refuse to eat’ when you cannot stop eating. But if you think deeply enough you will see that your battle is the same. You are the same.

If your battle is with food and you are overweight. Be kind to yourself. Stay in touch with the person inside and see her there every day if you can. She is still there, she is just hidden, temporarily. She will come out again one day. In one way our another. Let her. Don’t make her wait for you to ‘be thin again’, let her come out regardless. She has so much more to offer than looking ‘normal’. Once she is back you will lose the need to hold on to your hiding place. One cannot really come without the other

If you’re battle is with food, whichever way that appears, your fight is an exhausting one.

Stick together.

You will need each other.

When you finally throw the last punch and rise victorious, and you must believe that you will, you will look at each other with the silent nod of a warrior.

Keep fighting, never give in.



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