Be Yourself, It’s Your Superpower


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Girls – PLEASE stop with the lips!

Okay, now this page is all about non-judgement, acceptance and definitely no body-shaming but this is coming from a Mum and a woman who has been there, done it and bought the t-shirt so please please listen up and maybe, just maybe one of you will hear me …

Before I start ranting let me just add that I have nothing against cosmetic surgery or doing whatever you want with your own body (especially if something is making you feel very self-conscious) but I worry that you are losing your superpower- your uniqueness…


These lip injections that you are all having, it is making you all look exactly the same. Teamed with the eyebrows, the cheek fillers and the extensions, you are turning yourself into a clone. Now I totally get fashion and trends and wanting to be in on a certain look – but when you are actually CHANGING your face – this is no longer a ‘fashion ’ or a trend it’s much more.

Then there is the inability to stop. You start off with slightly plumper lips but it’s not enough. You want more. Each visit sees your lips looking more and more swollen and less and less unlike yourself… your eyebrow tattoos start off looking natural; and end up looking like a character from The Thunderbirds.

You are all so pretty and so beautiful but you are morphing into each other slowly and surely and that, that is such a shame!

Us women need to start being proud of our uniqueness and our ‘quirks’ and start saying no to conforming to a trend of how we ‘should’ look! A trend which changes so often and leaves you high and dry!

When I was a teen it was so fashionable to be skinny with no bottom, now you need a huge bum, tiny waist and huge boobs….says who!!!!???

Why do we even tolerate these trends in the first place?

Imagine how dull the world would be if everyone’s profile picture is the same selfie with the same lips and the same cheeks – you get the idea!

We should be going against the grain more – daring to embrace our thin lips (Meg Ryan is a prime example of a natural beauty who ruined herself by trying to conform to a trend). Daring to be curvy regardless of a trend but because it’s your natural body shape, daring to be slim if that’s your body type.

Embrace who your are girls, stop letting an industry or a few celebrities shape your future selves! You shape your self! Your way!

Ask someone older than you if they have any regrets and I promise one of them won’t be that they wish they had more cosmetic surgery.

Be you, it’s your superpower.



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