Not The Man I Married



Some girls may worry about ‘settling’ down with one man for the rest of your life, but it’s really not like that at all..

I fell in love with his free spirit and the twinkle in his eyes at 28

I fell in love with his bravery when we emigrated aged 30

I fell in love with with his commitment and passion when he proposed at 32

I fell in love with the way he he said ‘I do’ at 34, and I knew he really did


I fell in love even deeper than before when he cradled our baby boy at 34 and I thought his heart would burst

I fell deeper yet when he had just as much love for our second little boy 3 years later

At 40, I fell in love with the father that he is, the rock he has become for us all and the man he has grown into

At 42, I marvel every day at the things he has achieved and the responsibilities he holds but mostly at the way he still sees the sky and the beauty of things around him

I notice something new about my love every year that passes and he is most definitely not the same man I married.

He is so much more

Love is a journey not a destination.

If you’re looking for the perfect package ready to go – don’t.

You can grow and get there together. It’s far more fun that way


Not The Man I Married

D. Ashworth



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