I’m raising a boy

In fact I’m raising two…

I am raising a boy to be a person. And a partner. And a father.

I am not raising a boy to be a man

or a doctor, lawyer or footballer.

Why not?

Because I think the path he takes in this life is secondary to everything else he will do. The people he will love and the family he will build.


His choice of career will find him, I am sure of it, but in the meantime I am raising a
boy who…

knows how to express his emotions and work through them till they dissipate and leave him peaceful again

knows how to value others above himself

has respect for his elders and follows their lead

treats women as his equal in every way,

understands how he is a tiny part in a very big picture and that the world is not his responsibility but it is his care

works hard but never forgets how to play

cries without guilt or mockery

gives without condition or expectation

understands his true worth and accepts nothing less than that

feels empathy for the suffering of others

can see the value in every other human being regardless of class or society

knows how to accept love, give love, breed love and encourage love

can administer a magic kiss, sing a lullaby and mend a broken heart

I am a raising a boy, in fact I am raising two, who understand team-work and partnership and the beauty of a shared vision.

I am raising a boy to be a husband and a father.

The rest he will do himself.

I am raising a boy

I am raising a boy
By Donna Ashworth




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