If you have been following this blog you will already know how I feel about advertisers and media industry people using airbrushed images and models who all look exactly the same in terms of no cellulite/ no stretch marks/ no fat at all….

I really want to see a ‘normal body revolution’ where women with very average shapes and sizes are not only used as models but are encouraged in their non-uniformity.

I have a dream!

Well, today I stumbled upon this beautiful model on one of my favourite sites and I was pleasantly surprised to see that her stretch marks were left unairbrushed for us all to see.

Now, this is in no way a body-shaming moment – in fact it is the opposite! I adore women’s bodies with all their quirks, bumps, lumps, stripes and dimples and I really feel our next generation should see much more of this in magazines and on billboards in order to reset this myth of perfection we have all been drawn into.


Perfection doesn’t exist outside of a computer photoshop programme!

So, I would like to take a moment to congratulate ASOS for this bold move and encourage them to keep it coming…this gorgeous model may have an amazing, and extremely slim body but not covering up her stretch marks is definitely a step in the right direction!

We are all imperfectly perfect and THAT is something worth photographing.

Normal body revolution/ no airbrushing





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