1. It’s okay to realise you aren’t the same as you used to be. Making another human changes a girl. It’s the all-consuming love and the lack of sleep mostly. Go with it, this is you – right here, right now. Nothing stays the same and this won’t either.
2. Your days may seem to consist of exactly the same routines but your moods can change like the wind. This is exactly as it should be. Laugh about it when you can, cry when you can’t. You are human.
3. You may think everyone else is doing a better job than you, but trust me they aren’t. We are all just spinning plates and trying our best.
4. Hold back from judging other Mums who do things differently, see point no.3, we are all just winging it in a very scary world.
5. Everyone shouts and everyone loses their cool. Don’t beat yourself up. Love that child with all your heart and no slip up of your mood will ever touch that.
6. Your body has given you something so amazing, reward it with care and positivity. Wear your changes with pride and stop hiding them. Your children need to see what a real woman’s body looks like. If we all did this the whole world would be a different place.
7. If you are scared you won’t have enough love to share with another child, don’t be. It will amaze you.
8. Your children will remember how how soft your hugs were, how infectious your laugh was and how magic your magic kisses were. They won’t remember an untidy house or messy hair. They see through all the crap in life, learn from them.
9. For goodness sake, take the picture. Don’t delete the ones you don’t look good in or shy away from the camera. One day they will mean everything to the most precious people in your world. Keep them true and keep them real. They tell the story. You want that story to be remembered.
10. There will be days when your world is black and there will be times when challenges swamp you and you think you can’t go on. You can. Allow yourself to break sometimes and then get back up stronger when you’re ready. None of us are made of steel but we are made of something even stronger – we are made of woman.
Oh and one more thing, we all drink too much/ eat too much/hide in a cupboard sometimes, it’s called survival … be kind to yourself Mummy. You got this.
10 things every mum should know/ motherhoodWords: Donna Ashworth

LPIO 2017





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