A MODERN DAY FAIRYTALE/ ONCE UPON A TIME/ modern Cinderella Once Upon A Time
There was a girl named Ella.
Ella’s Mum sadly passed away when she was little and when her beloved Dad also died, poor Ella was forced to live with his spoiled new wife and her 2 daughters who splashed his inheritance around like water and gave none of it to her. Taking advantage of her grief-stricken state, Ella was treated like a dogsbody and left to do all the chores.
After a couple of months feeling very sad and sorry for herself, Ella, who had been brought up right by her Mum and Dad remembered that she was a strong, capable woman and that anything she dared to dream – she could do.
Doing the chores had actually been very cathartic for her and given her something to focus on…. an idea formed.
After the fog of grief lifted, Ella decided to put her new-found housekeeping skills to good use and opened her very own cleaning company called Ella’s Helpers. She thought about the name Cinderella briefly but then decided it was a tad derogatory so ditched it.
Not only did Ella slay the business world with her amazing entrepreneurial skills but she hired herself a lawyer and got her inheritance back at the same time.
Then she bought a kick-ass designer dress, some amazing new shoes and went to the Royal Ball, just for the lol’s. She didn’t fancy the Prince, handsome though he is, but she’s having fun looking for her Mr. Right.
She lost a shoe dancing so hard and having had just a touch too much champagne but not to worry, plenty more where that came from….
The moral of the story is; it doesn’t matter what hand life deals you girls.
You have everything you need inside of you and don’t ever, EVER, let anyone tell you otherwise…



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