1. That feeling you get when you hold each other and fit just right – the feeling of being home – that’s something millions of people in the world have yet to experience. Some may never. Treasure it.
2. Trust is an invisible entity and yet it’s the very foundation of all relationships. Build it and keep it sacred, it’s your castle and the only defence you will ever need.
3. When you are old and tomorrow is not a guarantee, you won’t remember any of the silly stuff or who was right about what. You will remember their smell, their laugh, the way they looked at you and the way they made you feel.
4. If your loved one tells you you are beautiful, believe it. It’s what they see. Try seeing yourself the way they do and you are winning at life.
5. Don’t underestimate the power of your kiss, it’s your own private language that only you two can speak and it it cuts through layers and layers of pain, upset or misunderstanding. Use it.
6. You may never fully understand each other but the day you stop trying is the dawning of the end.
7. If you see something wonderful in your partner every day, tell them every day. Life is too short.
8. Mind games lead to more mind games, the only game you need to be playing is one that makes you both laugh.
9. Never stop seeing your partner. I mean really seeing them. Look with fresh eyes whenever you can, it will amaze you.
10. True love doesn’t mean days filled with flowers and kisses. It means listening, supporting, tolerating and being there whenever you are needed. It’s hard. It can be ugly. It can hurt. But It’s so very worth it.

10 things every couple should know/ couple goals/ relationship advice

Donna Ashworth

LPIO 2018




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