To My Wife.

I didn’t see you when you walked the halls of our home cradling a colicky baby, I didn’t see you when you sat on the bathroom floor with your head in your hands hiding from the screams. I didn’t notice that your face had started changing, that the sparkle in your eyes was leaving you and your tiredness was consuming you from within.

I saw you on our wedding day, so beautiful and vibrant. I saw you when we went to Paris and your smile showed the Mona Lisa how to capture a room. I saw you when we made love in those early, heady days – and I still see that now. So clearly.

But somewhere along the way, life clouded my eyes and I stopped seeing you.

You became a part of my tapestry and I stopped noticing the little things you did to tell me all wasn’t well.

I didn’t see that I wasn’t there for you where and when it really mattered.

I didn’t notice until it was too late and I was no longer a part of the wonderful woman I fell in love with.

I had left you unnoticed so long that you didn’t need me or rely on me anymore to brighten your day.

To my wife, you bore me beautiful children and I joked about how you showed your inner lioness on those days when the pain ripped you apart and you rose like a raging demon to protect your baby.

But I didn’t really see how that changed you.

How it changes a woman from the inside out and forever more.

How a man needs to also show his Lion to keep up.

I didn’t see that you spread yourself so thin every day that you had little left of you for yourself.

That you needed your man to give you something back to keep the balance.

I didn’t see that you rose to a challenge so demanding in this life and that really, you did it without me.
I see you now.

I see that you are happy now that his attention is on you.

I see that your spark has come home again to live in your eyes.

I see that it wasn’t me that put it there.

I see, too late, I see.


To my Wife, by D.Ashworth
Image: Louis Blythe

Copywright 2017 Ladies Pass It On




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