If Disney Princes Were RealWhich one would be your idea of a fairytale?

Artist Jirka Vaatainen has given us a beautiful insight into what each of our favourite Disney heroes would look like if they were real and I decided to bring their characters to life so we can all waste a few moments dreaming of who we would most like to couple up with.

And why not?

It’s a scary world we live in today, we need to check out every now and again with some mindless fun – and this is exactly that!

Take a look at this handsome bunch  and let me know which one is the dream guy for you….


This guy strikes me as a good old-fashioned gentleman who would certainly treat you like a Princess. I imagine him to be all flowers and romance but maybe not that much in the ‘banter’ department. Definitely one for those of us who dream of a partner who will waltz them around a ballroom and always open a door…I get the impression however that he can suffer from a serious sense of humour failure at times so definitely not once for the goof-balls among us (me).


Funny and cute, I reckon Aladdin is well suited to a girl who loves to travel, likes a bit of daredevil behaviour and is always on the go. One for the sporty types amongst us I would say! I bet he would be a nightmare to live with though and in this day and age he’s probably glued to his video games and always texting his mates. I am annoyed by him already.



The Little Mermaid’s true love is a looker by all accounts, but can you trust him? I’m thinking this Prince is suited to the girls who like a bad boy and prefer to be kept on their toes! Not for the faint hearted….he’s the dashing, charming type who could whip you up into a tizzy before you can say ‘who’s that text message from?’ 


I can totally see what turned Pocohontas’s head right?! John Smith is your straight-up, blonde haired, blue-eyed love god! A real go-getter this guy is full of ambition and won’t stop till he gets what he wants. Stubborn but loveable he’s and all round good guy and knows just the right thing to say to keep you interested. He’s probably at the gym a lot and makes smoothies though, he might even be a bit too into his male grooming, verging on the metrosexual…


This brawny Adonis has a heart of gold and what he lacks in the conversation department he definitely makes up for in the body beautiful. A simple guy who will look after his woman – suited to girls who don’t like too much excitement in their relationships and prefer a quiet life and he definitely loves his dog more than you and is football mad.


It goes without saying that this dude is not particularly one to take home to your parents, or even into civilised society but no doubt he would protect you come what may! May take a while to house train but pretty sure it would be worth the effort. What a hunk! This guy really comes into his own building stuff and getting the DIY sorted out…if he was around today he’d definitely have a top-knot and a hipster beard.


Woah…. this prince got the best makeover of all!!! Hot stuff. This guy is a proper peach. A Mummy’s boy, a gentleman and reliable to the core. He’s never late, brave to a fault and a big softy. Likes his girls a bit weak and simpering though – not for the warrior women of today! He would need his dinner on the table and his house clean at all times (those house-cleaning woodland animals are the real thing we want to come to life – let’s be honest!) He’s not going to be cool with you working full time and being your own boss.

So ladies, which one of these gorgeous guys would make your life a veritable fairytale? For me it’s John Smith every day of the week. I would struggle to say no to Eric and I’d avoid Aladdin like the plague – he’s a Peter Pan type who would leave his wet towels on the floor and never ever flush.

That’s your Disney Hero guide according to me. Hope you have enjoyed and escaped the world for a moment. Much love!




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