You Are A Miracle

Think about it…

The world has over 7 billion people in it, over 196 countries and 50,000 cities.


And yet you are a product of a moment when two people met, a tiny moment in time. The chances of you being born exactly as you are are so minute, it boggles the brain. Then, take into account factors which could have stopped your parents from meeting. Upbringing, education, relocation, migration…so many ways you could have been someone else entirely.

Even more mind-boggling is that there are 250 million sperm cells in every ejaculation. A woman carries 1-2 million eggs in her body during her lifetime. Now think about how small the odds are of that one exact sperm cell fertilising just the right egg to form the right you…any other combination would have created another person entirely.  Another laugh, another voice, another talent – a totally diferent person.

Now consider all of the above statistics and how they may have affected your parents meeting and their parents meeting and all the ancestors before them for centuries and centuries.

Think about how history has played such a massive part in you being the exact person that you are today.

You are a product of so much chance and so much love and you are truly, miraculously unique.

Do not forget it.

In all your perfect imperfection you are solely and completely you – and that took a lot of life to bring about.

You are a miracle.




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