1. Being a man is not qualified in the alcohol you can hold, the cars you can race or the risks you can take. Being a man comes from knowing your own worth and respecting those around you.
2. It is always okay to cry. Your tears are a sign that your heart is in working order and your humanity is intact just like your breath is a sign your lungs are working.
3. If you can see she has no self worth in that moment, have self worth enough for two and show her the safe way home.
4. Work hard and play hard by all means but remember what we are all here for – to love and be loved. It’s all for love in the end.
5. Never feel you have to fight. It’s often the stronger man who has the guts to walk away knowing he is better. Your courage should be in your convictions and not your fists.
6. See the world. A man who has seen enough will understand so much more of the madness that is life.
7. The janitor and the president are still only men. Treat them all equally. Respect is for everyone and not just for those who can help us.
8. Follow your own lead and not the lead of those around you. Carve the path YOU want in life.
9. If you are blessed with a family, build your entire world around them and remember – time is the only gift worth giving to your children. To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.
10. We are all equal but your woman – she is your queen – never let her go a day without knowing it.
And remember above all, it is okay to not always be okay. Being a man does not mean you cannot feel broken. If you reach rock bottom ask for help to get back up. That, is the bravest thing you can do.

© LPIO 2017 Donna Ashworth


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