We shared a post on our Facebook page a few weeks ago (10 things every woman should know), which has had a breath-taking response and amongst the comments there are some seriously uplifting messages…. I have been blown away by the beauty of it all!

Amongst them, one particular man stood out and has kindly gathered his thoughts for us all to enjoy…Thank you Will!

Enjoy ladies, this is just beautiful.


An Open Letter To My Wife,

In case you ever forget.

You were the first person on earth to ever believe in me, to never give up on me (including me). You saw my value as a man long before anyone else ever did. You taught me how to trust people and be vulnerable by trusting me enough to be vulnerable with me. You never quit on me, no matter how many reasons I gave you to. You wouldn’t walk away, even when I told you to. Most people who think that you are the lucky one have forgotten that, and you are content to let them. I want you to know that I have not forgotten. That I never will, and that I could never repay you even if I had two lifetimes to do it. As Cliche’ as it may sound, I am everything I am because you loved me.

You subjected your body to stretch marks, malnourishment and weight gain to lay down and give me children.That’s the greatest gift that any woman can give to any man.You let me touch your belly even when you despised it, because you knew it brought me peace. Know that in your scars I see your sacrifice and the faces of our children and grandchildren and that there’s nothing on earth more beautiful than that.

You are so incredibly beautiful when you you have all of our kids in one place, or you hold our grandchildren. I love how your eyes light up like you won the lottery when you see a new bud on one of your plants. I love how you can be so simple and complex, so strong and vulnerable at the same time. I’m in constant awe of you. The way you smile, or sleep til noon. How you need two hours of “quiet time” every morning. How you do random things like jump out of the car before I even stop to run in the house and hide. You have no idea how bad I need things like that some days.
I love that all of your little quirks..the things that used to drive me crazy about you, now drive me crazy in the exact opposite way.
Most of all I love that you chose me…ME.. out of everyone on earth to be the one person lucky enough to know you in that way.

We have both been blessed however I can trace every single blessing that I have received back to you. Your patience, your wisdom, your strength and compassion. The grace that you have displayed and that you shown me for the last 30 years. You are not only blessed my are a blessing…I LOVE YOU and I adore you more than I could ever put into words, but I did my best…muahh!!
Will Sexton



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