It’s really very simple, life’s just too short for:

One-sided friends

Fair weathered friends

Drama Queen friends

Friends who don’t bend

We are all busy, days can go by and we realise we haven’t replied to all our texts from friends or answered invitations or checked in on those going through it. It is HARD to maintain friendships plus keep down a job/family/relationship/life in general – right?

So why waste time on friends who aren’t bringing anything good into your world? Why not keep your circles small so you can actually focus on the right people – not ALL the people?

You wouldn’t keep a car that only took you to where it wanted to go to? You wouldn’t buy a product that took the gorgeousness OUT of your skin instead of putting it in would you? So why do we let our friendships away with it?


This is a classic, you give constantly and ask for very little in return. That’s fine if, when you actually do need that friend, they are there and with bells on. If they aren’t – get rid. Seriously, what is this bringing into your life? Fun, laughter maybe? You can get that anywhere, trust me.


Fair weathered friends can be harder to spot but in general they are there for all the high times and happy to join in with your world when all is well and sparkly. You won’t see them for dust when things start to go wrong. Since that is exactly when you NEED your friends then I declare this kind of friendship utterly and completely pointless and a waste of your time and energy.


These friends are hard work! They constantly need your advice, attention, input, help and just as you get them through one drama there is another one to take it’s place ensuring that your attention is constantly being demanded by them. This can very quickly eat it’s way into your life and take from other relationships – be very careful. There is a difference between a friend in need and a drama queen!


They have ‘their ways’ and are very upfront about that. They don’t do this and they don’t like that and arranging a get together is pretty much based on their do’s and dont’s. If you have a friend who just won’t bend then I suggest you take a long hard look at that relationship and see what value it is bringing you. No relationship can maintain a healthy medium without mutual cooperation. You are essentially a minion if you bow to this person consistently. Take a very big step back…

I have a favourite saying, YOUR VIBE ATTRACTS YOUR TRIBE, the problem is there needs to be room for them to come to. If you are a giving person who values their relationships then you will attract similar personalities into your world and that will work nicely because nobody is selling out, giving too much or being walked over. If you find yourself constantly feeling disappointed, let-down or used then it’s time for a clear – out. You won’t regret it. Knowing someone for years is no excuse for settling into bad behavioural patterns.

Life really is too short and time is truly far too precious.

As always I would love to hear from you ladies.




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