What is it and how do you get rid of it?

Beat the Back To work Blues

If you are lucky enough not to immediately know what this psychological terrorist is, then let me explain….

The dreaded angst that comes the evening before we have to detach ourselves from the glorious confines of a fabulously indulgent weekend/holiday and somehow navigate our slightly altered selves back into the mind-numbingly mundane reality of our lives…

It sucks.

Obviously I am being over dramatic but in all seriousness this is a very real situation for many of us who may have somehow found ourselves in jobs or work situations we find stressful and debilatating to the soul.

So, what can be done about it?

Well, if you do find yourself feeling like this regularly, and not just after a particularly fun bank holiday or summer vacation, then you really do need to look at your day to day slog and start to visualise trying to change it.

Is this  a temporary situation?

Maybe your work situation has changed recently or you are caught in the build of a project that feels like it’s squeezing the life out of you? If this situation is temporary then you need to work out a strategy for maintaining your morale and keeping your spirits up until you are through the tunnel. Visualising the situation as an actual tunnel can be a very helpful meditation exercise (I am not suggesting hours of zoning out surrounded by candles but merely a few moments in your day to close your eyes and imagine). All you have to do is see the sunshine peeking through the end of the tunnel and imagine yourself getting there with your head held high and feeling the fruits of your labour. If you are good at this kind of visualising malarkey then build your daydream however you see fit and add in all the positive scenarios you like!


Is this situation a constant toxicity in your world?

Then you need to take action now. Paying bills is a massive priority in this life of course, but if you are in a job or career that is going against the very grain of you then you need to realise you are doing more harm than good with every bill you check off. So, make yourself a plan. Baby steps are always less destructive than plaster ripping so sit down and come up with some ways you can begin to change your current life into something you dream of. It is possible and people are doing it. Look around you, find those people and watch them. Learn from them. Ask advice. Follow their lead. It’s likely that they were once in exactly the same situation as you are now. They know what it takes to get out.

I am a watcher of such successful souls and here are my top 5 tips on how to make the first moves to a better world.


Quit Something.

Only you will know what it is that needs to be axed from your world in order for a new dawn to rise… do it.

Start Something.

Whatever it is, make it happen now. Sign up for an online course, join a group or even make a facebook page for your business idea. Everything has to start somewhere.

Stop Thinking.

Start visualising. Change the negative radio station to a positive one and be the type of person whose mind is a veritable tableau of wish-list inspiration.

Give Up.

This may sound counterproductive but it really isn’t. It is a wonderful practice to occasionally throw your hands up in the air and walk away from a problem/job/whatever. Perspective os priceless and you don’t get that if you’re too close to the issue.

Destroy Your Excuses.

You have quite probably convincing yourself for years that things have to be the way they are – they don’t. You are the pilot.

You are not a tree …..




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