It’s my birthday this week and so my thoughts turn to the ageing process and the passing of life, as I am sure they do for us all.


I turned those little thoughts into a poem for you to enjoy. Please share if it resonates with you or if you know someone who is perhaps slightly struggling with their big day and the change in their number. 😬🎉

Birthday blues Be Gone


Birthdays for the ageing…

They shouldn’t be so fun?

After all, you’ve lost another year

Lost? Or maybe won?


You see, the thing with ageing is

We gain more than we lose

We realise the real true prize

Is found inside of you


It’s not about the accolades

The house, the car, the clothes

It’s all about the love we’ve made

And forgiving what we loathe


Acceptance is our gift each year

Peace, wrapped up all nice

We learn to live each moment

We don’t get to do it twice


The things that used to taunt us

The worry and the fear

Get less and seem to fade

With every passing year


For some there are no birthday blues

For some there is no fun

Their journeys have been ended 

Before they have begun


So if you’re feeling older

Take a tip from me

Love the fact you’re still alive

Hold the moments dear





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