She May Be Little, But She Is Fierce


She may be little but she is fierce

Do not underestimate

The power in her day dreams

The miracles her thoughts create

She may be small but she is strong

Don’t be fooled by size

The strength of her convictions

Could make the oceans rise

She may be quiet but she is heard

In action and in voice

There’s wisdom in her pauses


Her silence is a choice

She may be peaceful but she is wild

There’s depth in her adventure

The journeys that her heart will

take her on if you will let her

She may be little but she has love

So vast no one could measure.

Loving her is such a gift

Hold her tight and treasure

An original poem by Donna Ashworth based on the quote ‘She May Be Little But She Is Fierce’.

Images of the wondrous Siena Rose Bullen taken by Rachel Bullen



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