There is a very sweet story behind this article actually…


As I chose and emailed the winner of our ‘Make Your Mum A Star’ competition  a few weeks ago, I had no idea it was one of my wonderful school friends, whose Mum I remember very fondly indeed even though I moved away many years ago.

So, Mrs Davidson, it is your moment to be applauded and praised for being such a wonderful, supportive and inspiring Mum. Here is what your daughter Nicola had to say…

My mum left school aged 15 with no qualifications. By the time she was 32, through circumstances beyond her control, her marriage broke down and she was alone with my brother and I. To give us the chance at a better life she moved us from Glasgow, away from her lovely home and all her friends, to a small town in the Hill-foots of Scotland, to start again from scratch. Money was tight but we wanted for nothing and had unconditional love. Every day.

My mum took part time jobs when we were young, simply so she could spend time with us in the evening after school. As we got older she became first a traffic warden and then a Station Assistant at the local Police Office where she has been for 28 years now and is a credit to the force.

Not only has she raised tow children who, in my opinion (ha) are well-rounded, good people – but she is also hugely respected by her peers and everyone she knows. There’s not a person who wouldn’t agree that mum mu has a heart of gold. She is always, always there for everyone.

It takes a very special person to provide the love of two parents so that your children never feel lacking, and my mum has pulled that off with flying colours. She is an amazing friend, a loving sister, a supportive colleague and a doting Aunt. My mum really does epitomise the word family, and is the absolute heart of ours.

My mum instilled amazing core values in my brother Hance and I. She taught us to be the best version of ourselves we possibly could be. To keep on striving for what we want and to never give up. When life beats you down, pick yourself up – when one door closes, climb in a window.

I know when the time comes for me to be a parent, I will be a great one, because of my Mum’s example. And my children would have the gift of the most amazing Granny.

Thank you will never be enough to convey to my mum how grateful I am for her love, guidance and constant support. But it’s a start. Thank you Mum. You are absolutely, simply the best.

Happy Mother’s Day.




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