Let’s indulge ourselves in a bit of daydreaming ladies, the best kind of daydreaming in fact…the ‘if money were no object’ kind!

Here are 5 of my Dream Destinations, I have so many more to share another day, don’t forget to let me know yours!

There are many reasons why this is on my list but mostly it’s because I have a friend who insists we will all go there one day, so it has become a serious daydream goal! The ultimate would be to spend a few days in an overwater ocean bungalow like the one below. Can you imagine the peace and tranquility?! Part of me does wonder if it would be too peaceful for me but I would love to find that out and I could always head on to another destination for a livelier chaser couldn’t I?

Sleeping with the fish! In a nice way… Image Source

The Lacaula Island Resort in Fiji looks like absolute heaven on earth to me…don’t you agree? Just 25 villas scattered around this paradisical island and true luxury all the way. Just look at the amazing individual pools on each unit – Sigh!

After all that relaxation I would definitely be ready for some serious glamour and fun. What better place to do that than…

If money were no object I would be staying right here at The Mondrian… favoured by the rich and famous and it really isn’t hard to see why! I can definitely picture myself on one of those sun-beds with a glass of fizz, casually celeb-spotting behind oversized shades…I am so there!

Next, I would be hopping to New York baby! I have visited once before but if money were no object, I would be going back and taking up residence right here at The Plaza…anyone who is anyone stops here for the odd night or two of city fun.


Lastly, I would LOVE to visit this stunning Ice Hotel in Sweden and take in The Northern Lights! Wouldn’t it be just amazing to see? How fabulous to be doing it in such an amazing setting too. I can’t quite begin to imagine how an ice bedroom and bathroom would feel but I would love to find out!


I would have to warm up afterwards with another trip to somewhere hot and sunny of course. This is a daydream after all so perhaps I will do it all again… there’s always a world cruise to consider too! I will come back to that another day…

Hit me with your dream destinations ladies!!!



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