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A simple yet effective practice which I plan to share with you all regularly in the hope that you join in with me and spread the feel-good ‘we are all perfectly imperfect Super/Wonder Women vibe’. Thanks to the fabulous Airing My Dirty Laundry for the inspo!

Nobody is doing it all on a daily basis so let’s start acknowledging that it’s all okay…

It's okay/ Quote/ blog/ women/ It's Okay LadiesIt’s Okay That…

I planned to eat 10 portions of fruit and veg as is the new recommended daily guideline but I only managed wine gums and an apple so far today.

I knew about World book Day way in advance yet I still ordered a cheap dress up from Amazon Prime yesterday.

I drank wine again, on a Monday.

I got through 5 things on my LIST of 28 and yet I still had time to make a Lip Sync Battle video to send to my friends on Whats App. It was too much fun not to join in. I did an epic version of All Saints Never Ever….

I judged someone on TV for their lack of effort at The Oscars whilst wearing stained yoga pants (I hadn’t done any yoga).

I still HIDE vegetables in the kid’s dinners.

I haven’t matched my bra to my knickers in a very. long. time.

I haven’t done 50 sit-ups every day. Maybe never.

I regularly use Facebook to remember everyone’s birthday.

I answered at least 2 text messages in my head again and not in real life.

I don’t care about Donald Trump anymore.

Inspirational quotes either really inspire me or make me want to punch someone, there is no in between…

Share with me your It’s Okay moments ladies! Spread and share the love…


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