Any of you who have frequented this blogzine before will already be well aware that I think us ladies are awesome! What exactly is it about us that I continuously want to celebrate? I think it’s because I’m at a very happy place in my life where I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a group of amazing women who are there at the drop of a hat to support, help and enjoy life with me. If I need inspiration, advice or a shoulder I can reach out and find it very easily on a daily basis, which is something I am hugely grateful for! Being a business owner I am also aware that without the loyal, intuitive and hard-working fabulous female employees who have been integral over the years I just could not have made it this far. In short, I have been blessed and I want to shout about it!


Ladies Pass It On Blog

I am always looking for your stories to relay on here – whether you have set up a business you’d like to promote or you have a subject you’d like to discuss, perhaps you have a hobby you’d love to tell everyone about? Drop me a line and I will share your story with our readers. I have had some great feedback recently and it seems that there are many of you who share my love of looking into other people’s lives for a brief snapshot of how they live – there’s no advice better than that of someone actually doing it!

So, one of my favourite things to do whilst our community is still growing is to give away prizes to my readers as a thank you for their continuing support. Today I have some of my own-design greeting cards ( I hope to sell these and others like it very shortly via this site, I will keep you all posted).

Ladies Pass It on Blog - Superwoman Girl-power quote card


Hard to convey via photograph but the cards are pearlised and beautifully shimmering – even the envelope! They will make the perfect gift when you just want to let someone know you think they are amazing!


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Ladies Pass It on blog



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