Why you NEED a Memory Jar.

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Life is busy…this I know.

And with the soaring popularity of Pinterest and other social media it’s very easy to feel like there are a MILLION things we should be doing to enhance our lives but aren’t. This new tradition however, is the one you actually do need. Why? Simply because of the above statement – life is busy. Life is so busy that it’s very easy to remember only the big happy/sad/stressful/amazing moments and forget the minutiae that came in-between. It’s in these small details that life really exists. The little every day heart-warming or proud moments that keep us trundling along.

Last year my beloved friend Jennie and I decided to keep a Memory Jar and read it out together on NYE the following year. This seemed like a great way to stick at it – a buddy! Everything is easier with a buddy spurring you along and sure enough, after a suspiciously bald patch during the summer, I picked it back up again in Autumn when I saw how full Jennie’s jar was!

ladies pass it on blog
A standard entry from mine…

Throughout the year I wrote down the funny things my kids said, the lovely moments when life was sweet and those little achievements that made us proud. I encouraged the whole family to put notes in; since I live with 3 boys that was never ever going to happen but there was the odd cry of “Oh, that’s one for the jar?” from them. And in the jar it went.

There were times of course, when I really wanted to pop something in the jar but couldn’t find the pad/pen/strength, but on the whole it was easy to do and on the 31st December, when we all sat down together to read….it was truly BRILLIANT.

ladies pass it on blog
Our jars nestled lovingly on NYE

If you are prone to the sentimental, or want to soften someone who isn’t, I truly recommend that you take this tradition up. We laughed, we cried, we reminisced and what better thing to be doing on the cusp of a New Year than to really treasure and savour the best of what went before…

So, I urge you all to go forth, grab a jar (keep it near a pen and pad) and start recording those moments – you won’t regret it!

ladies pass it on blog