To Detox or Not?


In a week where social media is completely awash with images of healthy, fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free meals, diet plans, fitness regimes and very little else – are you one of the many who decide to undo the festive damage with a detox?

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Like most things in life, where there is up there must be down, and looking around me today it seems that nothing reflects this more than the images of partying and festive fun that bombard us for the month of December followed by the stark contrast of ‘new year, new me’ January brings. One of my favourite memes is the ‘It’s all fun and games till your jeans don’t fit’ and for me this hits it on the head. We go through the festive season accepting every treat and saying ‘sod it, it’s Christmas’ and so come January – we all must pay!


I have zero willpower – like actually zero and so I choose not to set myself up for failure by announcing ‘I am doing dry January!” and then spending the entire month in a sober and miserable state (unlike the husband who actually quite enjoys the go hard or go home cycle of binging then abstaining), but I definitely make a conscious effort to move more, eat less and drink much, much less… I am however totally fascinated, in a voyeur-like fashion, by all those around me and what they are doing to reverse the damage.

I know I had a good go, did you?! Pop on the blogzine to read our detox article, its that time of year and I love a bandwagon!  #detox #newyear #newyearnewme #diet #ladiespassiton #ladies #fitness #wellbeing #
I know I had a good go, did you?

So let’s have look at what detoxing actually is and how good it really is for undoing the Christmas ‘fear’.


Basically, it’s any regime which encourages or allows your body to flush out toxins – toxins being all the nasties we consume which we shouldn’t, such as alcohol, sugar, caffeine, processed food and chemicals.


Fasting…in a word. abstaining from all of the above and in some cases all food and drinks except a very limited few so that the body goes into a completely different state of being. some detox plans allow foods and some are liquid only. Hardcore stuff!


If you are looking for a quick result on the scales and a ‘clean up’ of your system then yes- detoxing will do that – as well as perhaps re-laying your psychological pathways so that you no longer feel the dreaded ‘fear’ and ‘guilt’ Christmas brings! Nothing makes you feel more saintly (I imagine) than a few days of refusing EVERYTHING!


From what I have researched today my answer is no. It will give you an instant result on the scales and possibly in your jeans but long-term it’s not going to get you down a few dress sizes and stay there. For that you need a change of lifestyle, sustainable plan. It would seem however that a detox is a great way to eradicate the bad habits and is a great bridge to a more sensible way of life.



If you have limited time then perhaps go for something fairly easy to negotiate like a juice plan. Once you have your blender and a massive fruit and veg shop under your belt you’re good to go! The internet is awash with recipes to tantalise your tastebuds (not really but you know what I mean). If you need more guidance and support there are lots of offers on a wide range of detox diet plans online and no doubt your social media is full to the brim with them too.


Many experts are quick to warn us that changing our habits to such an extreme can put the body into shock and only last week a woman in Milton Keynes suffered a seizure which doctors put down to a lack of sodium in her body (hyponatraemia). It was concluded that her detox diet and plethora of vitamins she consumed daily was the cause – so do your research first ladies – natural products also have side effects, especially in conjuction with other supplements you may be taking alongside.


Let me know what your favourite methods of undoing all the wrongs Christmas brings – I would love to know – and look out for some more health-based articles from Ladies Pass it On as we jump on the New Year, New Me bandwagon! Got to be done!





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