Fancy Yourself in a Christmas Ad?


It’s fair to say that as a nation we LOVE our Christmas TV Ads but have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in one?

We caught up with Supermum and Dancer/Fitness instructor Rachel Bullen, star of B&M’s newest Christmas advert, which features not only her but all three of her gorgeous children!Ladies Pass It On

We love the advert Rachel, how did it come about?

Thank you! Well I am an actress and choreographer by trade so I get to go to castings for a lot of weird and wonderful roles! I had to do a home video casting for this one with the children – before the school run! We only had timeto do one take so we had to get it right!! I had actually done the 2 pitches previously for B&M so was pleased the production company won the account and I got chosen to be featured with my family!


Was it fun to work with your kids?

Do you know what it was great! I was worried (like any mum would with 3 kids aged 7 and under!) that they might all have an off day and just be whingey or clingy but they were actually fab! It was a long couple of days too. Especially pleased with Seb (my 2 year old) who coped brilliantly and took direction like a pro!!


Do you worry in advance that children won’t do what they’re told?

I was utterly dreading it in a way, not for the girls (Siena has been in 2 adverts with me before and is a natural!) but was worried about little Sebby. He is a very friendly little boy and does love attention but I worried that in a room full of strangers he wouldn’t do anything they asked him to do but rather just bury his head into me! But I needn’t have worried. He was a little star! I would be lying if I said the ipad and sweet treats didn’t come into play at times but we all gotta do what we gotta do!!

What brought you into the world of TV ads and did you always want your kids to join in the fun?

I started acting at 19 and just loved it. I seem to get cast for mainly commercial work especially for the role of ‘young mum’ which took me a while to get used to but then again, thats what I am so can’t complain! I have done lot’s of fun adverts, one for Jet 2 last year which had me flying to 4 countries in 48 hours! Beats a desk job although it does involve very early starts and long days and can be a lot of just standing around in the cold! Wouldn’t change it though!


Would you recommend it to anyone reading and how would they best get involved?

Absolutely! You would need to get an agent so may need to prepare a monologue! It would be easier for those without drama training to start with ‘extra’ roles. I would still recommend getting an agent but no experience is necessary. You can also join sites like ‘Casting Call Pro’ and ‘Star Now’ without an agent.


Have you done many other adverts we may have seen you in?

Jet2, DFS, KFC, Iceland, Wicked E-Cigs!, Alan Partridge – to name but a few!




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