It’s A Wonderful Life!


And it really truly is!

In these worrying and complicated times, I really urge you all to take some time-out during the run up to the festive season and watch this movie. Better still, find a nice old-fashioned cinema in your area and hope they’re showing it there.


Why? Because it will fill you with all the Christmas feels you need to remember what this season is all about; not presents, not parties – but a time to take a step back, breathe in life and reach out to all those you love or even those you’ve never met before. A time of goodwill to all men…

It’s A Wonderful Life is a moral tale from an era far more innocent than ours and yet the struggles are basically the same ; sell your soul to the big guy for material riches or stay true to yourself for the real riches life has to offer.

The main character George Bailey is your all-round upstanding good guy who puts his family before himself and lays aside his dreams and ambitions to do the right thing, ultimately looking after everyone else. When trouble hits him through no fault of his own he considers taking his own life to see his wife and four kids straight with the insurance policy – when lo and behold a guardian angel is sent down to save him. The final scene will soften the hardest of hearts as the whole town rushes to his aid with their life savings in a basket. Heart-warming stuff for sure!


The stand out favourite sentiment for me is the inscription written in George’s book – given to him by his guardian angel Clarence.

No man is a failure who has friends.

Tears, so many tears…


The movie is in black and white, there are no musical numbers or CGI – no amazing scenes of Christmas splendour – in fact there are no scenes of Christmas at all really (lots of lovely snow though!). The Christmas message is conveyed purely and solely through the power of friendship and love. In short it is simply wonderful – and it will fill your heart full up!


My friends and I went see this movie recently at our local Plaza cinema, a lovingly restored old place that still has an organist playing before the performance, the National Anthem playing after the performance and is run mostly by volunteers – absolutely fabulous if you ask me!


I even bought a NAKED calendar the staff had made to raise more money – straight out of Calendar Girls and straight into my heart. Not sure I will be displaying it on my wall though – too many questions will be asked by my 4 and 8 year old sons….slightly awkward.

So, to sum up; I couldn’t have felt any more festive if you’d wrapped me up in tinsel, rolled me in cinnamon and mulled me in a pot!

It really is a Wonderful Life!

Me with Emma & Nic – if you look closely you’ll see the naked calendar – awesome stuff.






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