Be like Jason this Christmas!


Now it’s no secret that I’m a big lover of Christmas,  huge infact!

Over the years I’ve acquired a few new traditions to add to my already vast childhood repertoire  – perhaps you have already read my Elf on the Shelf shenanigans on here? This newbie of a tradition however is one I already hold very dear – because it’s just so very lovely and so very very Christmassy.

Image via Native Monster

Inspired by comedian Jason Manford a few years ago, I now buy as many advent calendars as I can afford (there are always offers on somewhere!) and donate them to my local food bank. After all, every single child surely deserves to enjoy the magical build up to Christmas along with every other child in their class. It breaks my heart to think of anyone missing out and feeling different.8855834755102

So, if you are a regular giver to food banks then perhaps you’ll consider adding a few calendars to your next shop and dropping them in the boxes on display in most supermarkets. Or, to really feel the festive feels, drop them off yourself. In my experience the lovely people working there will greet you very warmly indeed.


Likewise no need to stop there: food banks also cater for families over the festive period so any donations of mince pies, Christmas puddings or really any element of a traditional Christmas meal would quite possibly be the icing on someone’s cake this year! It’s so easy and most supermarkets make it really affordable to help with their basic Christmas ranges.

So my lovelies, help me – and lovely Jason – spread the love this year and keep this tradition going until it sticks.

May your days be Merry and Bright and may you feel all the festive feels!





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