Like Mother Like Daughter


A new fashion concept to suit us ALL!

You may have read the inspiration behind this site by now (How it all Began) and will know that the generational bond between women is something we value very dearly! No better advice and guidance than from those women who paved the way before us. This is why we got very excited upon discovering this new fashion concept from TV’s much-loved Sherrie Hewson and her daughter Keeley Fairhurst.


In a nutshell the idea is that all the clothes in KeeKee Boutique are completely adaptable whatever your age and size – and you know what – it actually works! After all, a good look is a good look and even though fashion changes constantly there comes a time when we stop following the crowd and dress to suit our selves instead. On saying that, a little bit of inspo here and there works wonders and so the pair decided to go one step further and create some You-Tube videos to really hammer home the point.

The videos are interactive and subscribers can ask either Keeley or Sherrie to try on any outfit or look before they decide to buy. The one size stylish soft knits for example, are classy and elegant on both mum and daughter, and likewise the accessories can be adapted to suit any style or age group. Very clever indeed! I could totally envisage my mum and I both ordering from here and just love the inclusive aspect of the whole thing – bravo ladies!


We caught up briefly with the lovely Keeley who told us that after spying a definite gap in the market she saw an opportunity to bridge it by simply showing how the right clothes can be completely adaptable and still follow trends, regardless of age or size. Literally a one stop shop!

I hope this sets off a trend for more of the same and wish the ladies every success with their venture.

Have a watch and hop on over to subscribe for more… follow KeeKee boutique on facebook for the latest arrivals.





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