It was going to be a great day for women everywhere…

We envisaged our own Theresa May in the British Driving Seat shaking hands with Hilary, the leader of the Free World and first ever US female President (not to mention the oldest!)

This would have been a shining green light and true example to our younger female generation… WOMEN CAN DO WHATEVER THEY DARE TO DREAM.

Des Moines, Iowa, USA - June 14, 2015: Democratic candidate for President Hillary Clinton speaks to a group of over 700 supporters at the Iowa State Fair Elwell Family Food center in Des Moines, Iowa on Sunday, June 14, 2015.

Alas, Hilary was Trumped and a dream was dissolved in front of our eyes. So, what went wrong? We all seemed to agree that Trump is exactly the kind of man us women fear in the workplace and in life– bigoted, bullying, self-centred, money-grabbing and sexist. I am pretty sure we can all think of such a character in our own lives who has caused us offence or worse, held us back at some point! And yet, the population of America voted, women included, and he was their guy.

A quick scan over statistics tells me that yes, more women voted for Hilary than Trump; a Survey Monkey Poll released last week showed that if only women had voted then Hilary would have thrashed Trump with 438 electoral votes to a measly 62! I think one thing we can all agree on though, after Brexit and now this, is that polls are NOT TO BE RELIED UPON. The silent voters speak volumes at the right time.

It’s not surprising to anyone that many women didn’t want Trump in power, mostly due to the multitude of allegations made against him in regard to sexual misconduct and even assault. Women colleagues have come forward and branded him misogynistic and Trump himself has not done much to disprove that with his ‘locker room talk.’


So, why is it then that some women (and seemingly more than we anticipated) have voted for Trump?

American Donna Cumella, 56, for example has been a registered independent all her adult life only switching her affiliation the moment Hilary ran for the White House.

“Listen, as a woman, I would like nothing more than for a woman to be president,” Cumella said. “But she’s the wrong woman.”

Did those women perhaps choose Trump over Hilary because they know better what they are dealing with? Do they perhaps know only too well that male character who literally speaks everything that comes into his mind and is openly flawed and small-minded but has the drive and bullishness to get stuff done? Is that the lesser of two evils in this situation?

It has been said that many women simply ‘don’t trust Hilary’. It’s no secret that she was being investigated for her use of a private server, causing widespread murmurs about secretive deals and behaviour. Perhaps the fear of the unknown is simply what has brought about today’s turn of events? Or is it a revolt against the political elite in general?


Who knows. It’s been a big day for America, we know that.

I would be so interested to hear from our readers exactly what they think has happened here on this historic day, and what it means going forward.






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