Reiki Rocks!


Suzanne Elizabeth Prince shares her love of Reiki with us….

I’ve lost count how many phenomenal experiences I have witnessed through Reiki, It’s so incredibly gentle yet powerful beyond measure. Hands on healing has been around since the beginning of time, Reiki is a form of energy healing that supports a person on so many levels. As a practitioner it teaches us patience, gratitude, to trust in the process and so much more than I could put into words. As a client it nurtures you, bringing about shifts and changes so that your whole world feels harmonious instead of the crazy, anxious illusions that are constantly building around us. When I felt Reiki for myself, that warm caring flow of love, I knew in my heart it was something special. When I see the difference in people who are sleeping better, with less pain and no stressy outbursts I think to myself Reiki really does rock !!


It’s like an awesome dose of unconditional love gently pushing light into every layer of your auric field, right down to a cellular level. You feel floaty, enlightened and peaceful after a session. Gosh do I wish I’d known about it when my children were babies. I’d of been booking in every week haha !! Oh what fun we had back in the days of teething with no sleep and just about surviving on plenty of coffee. These days I can’t imagine life without Reiki, It really does bring an overwhelming sense of peace and calm to a very busy world.

My advice is no matter where you are on your path, keep shining and spreading your light, the world needs you to drop into your heart as that is where the magic happens.


Love and sparkle,

Suzanne Elizabeth


Holistic Coach and Reiki Master





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