A keyboard with a red button - Online Dating

My Date With A Murderer!


A keyboard with a red button - Online Dating

Beware who you are meeting girls…read my tale below and do as I say, not as I do!

So it was the build up to Christmas and I reinstall my most frequented relationship – Tinder (it’s a love hate relationship whereby we keep breaking up).

I match with varying men trying to mix my options a little and talk to a small handful that say hi. One of which we shall call Pete for reasons about to become obvious!

So Pete and I get talking and there is good ‘banter’ between us. We move things over to Facebook (in order to stalk more photos) and chat on there to arrange a date.

A week later on my child-free evening, we decide to meet in Truro our local town just for drinks. He says he’ll pick me up enroute (do not do this when meeting anyone new girls!)

He collects me in a lovely brand new white pick up truck -which is a positive start!?

At the bar the conversation isn’t flowing well due to his constant need to check his Apple Watch and to avoid all eye contact by peering over my shoulder at the TV behind me.

I suggest we move bars….

In the new bar I make a conscious effort to ask questions about him and share info about me. We discuss the highlight of his career (which to give him credit for was the one thing he spoke passionately about) … working in Pizza Hut. He spoke of his family’s fish and chip business and told me about ALL of the alcohol they now sold. Fascinating.

I decided to talk about family. You can get a good vibe from someone based on that.

Bad idea … quick back off talking about his mum and dad all seems very tense there…. he gets quite defensive.

I’m bored and tired of it all now and want to go home.

He drops me back.

We don’t speak much after and let it fizzle.

End of…. no wait! …

Months later (around Christmas time) I’m scrolling through my FB newsfeed and I see his mug shot staring back at me on the local news site. I click. I read. I vomit …

He’s in court that day on trial … the story told to me in the paper…

A month before he met me, he had been driving home drunk from a local festival in his Audi. He hit a well known and much loved local couple in his car. He had very clearly hit them and had very clearly noticed as his actions were to drive on and pull into the next lay where he disposed of his bloody jacket and abandoned the car after wiping his prints away!

His next move was to ring his best friend and ask/ accuse if he had taken his car that evening as it was ‘missing’.

He went home and washed his clothes.

His best friend is arrested and not being able to afford bail is held for months. While Pete is happily tinder dating!!!!

He also gets a new puppy and daddy buys him a new white truck

I wonder if he thought he got away with it…

Oh then it clicks! The phone checking, the watching of SKY NEWS over my shoulder. The tension around family at home.

He had been on a date with me after knowingly killing a local couple. Knowing I didn’t know this. Knowing his friend was in jail.

He’s in prison now.

I’m still single.


Watch out ladies, google is there for a reason – use it!

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